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If you work in corporate America, your social calendar is probably pretty full. There’s a networking mixer one day, a meeting over lunch the next and a team-building retreat over the weekend—the events never stop! But while these parties often claim to mix work and play, have you ever noticed that your business dinners tend to feel a bit…businesslike?

Luckily, not every corporate event has to be a total bore. There are plenty of creative things you can do to add some pizzazz to your next event—and trust us, this will be a welcome decision for both clients and co-workers.

Product Launch Party

People love amazing experiences; whether your company is releasing a new product or opening a new store, a party is a fantastic way to provide a unique encounter people can experience up close. Product launch parties or grand opening events are a great opportunity to stir media buzz, engage with your clients directly and thank your employees for their hard work.

The key to a launch party is to create an elevated experience. Fill your business location or venue (be it a modern, industrial venue, private manor or chic art center) with music, decorations and servers presenting guests with tasty hors d’oeuvres to munch on. Extra effort goes a long way. For one, it associates your company with quality. And let’s be honest, after all the work leading up to this party, you deserve a special celebration!

Product Launch Party Food Stations Set Up

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Company Conference

Conferences can be a great way to network with people in your industry, share your knowledge and expertise and spread the word about your business all at once. And planning a conference is actually easier than you think. All you need is a great venue, like the Phoenixville Foundry, for example, creative menus that are personalized to fit your event and motivating speakers (we’re pretty sure you have that covered).

Company Conference at Phoenixville Foundry

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Employee Appreciation Lunch

Sometimes, you just have to show your employees how much they mean to you. A simple display of appreciation can do wonders for workplace morale, not to mention improve engagement. This is important, as engagement is highly related to positive business outcomes. Whether you head to an outstanding Philadelphia venue (we know of quite a few!) or have lunch catered to your office, it’s so important for your employees to unwind and enjoy their time together.

Be sure to let us know of any of your employees’ dietary needs so our creative culinary team can provide menus to accommodate them. Trust us, your staff will really appreciate the effort and mindfulness.

Company Holiday Party Decor

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Holiday Party

Ah, the office holiday party. If the movies are to be believed, this is a time for workers to drink too much and engage in some hijinks. Of course, in actuality, the office holiday party is oftentimes a small affair in an empty conference room where your employees chat quietly while mentally reviewing their evening’s to-do list. Your employees deserve better than that, so give them a real party! Delicious food, a fun, welcoming presentation and an exceptional service team will be more than enough to put everyone in the holiday spirit.

J. Scott Catering is a full-service catering business here to make your event truly memorable! Contact us today and start planning your next corporate event!

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