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Choosing a holiday party venue is one of the best ways to stir up your imagination and select a theme that will bring the magical season to life. Phoenixville Foundry is the perfect match for hosting popular, themed holiday parties.

On August 27, our event planners and chefs shared their best holiday party ideas with corporate planners from all over Pennsylvania. This article gives you an inside look into the trendiest holiday party decorations, menu items and signature drinks that immerse guests in your holiday party theme of choice.

Top Holiday Party Themes

All-White Winter Wonderland Holiday Party

White Christmas Holiday Party Theme at Phoenixville FoundryAdd sparkle, texture and accents of silver to make your white décor shine. Table decorations will feature sequins and sheep skin throw rugs that add dynamic elements to your holiday party décor. You can also incorporate festive white designs like snowmen, snowflakes and snowballs throughout your Pennsylvania holiday party venue.

Guests will sing along to White Christmas while enjoying a snowball cocktail and a selection of white vegetable dishes like:

  • Roasted cauliflower hummus, buttermilk crackers, lime mizuna
  • Morel ragout, gorgonzola cream, grilled bread, citrus greens
  • Roasted parsnip soup, lemon oil, pistou

Rustic Holiday Party

Rustic Holiday Party Theme at Phoenixville FoundryPhoenixville Foundry is the perfect location for a rustic holiday party in Chester County. Industrial charm fills this vast, historic property. Envision adding reclaimed wood furniture, sheepskin rugs, Christmas wreaths and birch bark decorations to create a perfect warm winter scene.

Hearty farm-to-table food made fresh on-site includes these rustic dishes:

  • Wagyu strip loin, truffled duxelle, asparagus, perigueux sauce
  • Braised short rib, horseradish whipped potato, red wine glace, mini patty shell
  • Coriander and fennel-crusted lamb chop, mint chimmichurri, cauliflower puree, golden raisin

After guests enjoy a rustic meal, they can spice up their favorite chocolaty drink at a custom cocoa station and bar.

A Christmas Story Holiday Party

Christmas Story Holiday Party Theme at Phoenixville FoundryClassic holiday films like A Christmas Story provide great inspiration for holiday party themes and entertainment. A historic venue like Phoenixville Foundry is the perfect fit for this 1940’s comedy featuring a family in a small town. Old radio holiday music and a few prominent decorations like a tree covered in tinsel will bring the movie to life!

Movies are always best enjoyed with finger foods. For a classy change from the traditional buttered popcorn, try a cheese station with upscale options like:

  • Parmesan cheese sticks
  • Baked figs, twenty-month prosciutto, blue cheese, local honey
  • Taleggio flatbread, heirloom tomato jam, pickled jalapeno, lemon basil
  • Guinness cheddar, lamb merguez, whole grain mustard, French bread
  • Lancaster aged cheddar, horseradish aioli, red pear, grilled brioche
  • Tomme cheese, apricot Dijon, apple bacon, arugula, French bread

The holiday bar will also be a popular spot at your movie-themed holiday party. It is fitting to feature wine, the beverage of choice for the Old Man and Ralphie’s mother on Christmas.

Later, guests can bring their drinks and snacks into the West Wing Ballroom, where you can use the curtained windows for light control and audiovisual connections to show your guests clips from A Christmas Story.

Classic Holiday Party

Classic Holiday Theme at Phoenixville FoundryAlthough our event designers and chefs are always thinking of innovative and creative new holiday party ideas, you can also play off traditional favorites when choosing a holiday party theme. You do not have to add much to Phoenixville Foundry’s Heritage Center to have the perfect setting for your classic holiday party. A few quintessential Christmas decorations like wreaths and nutcrackers bring a festive element to this historic venue.

Play upbeat twists on traditional holiday songs and treat guests to the finest holiday desserts like:

  • Salted caramel chocolate budino, crème fraiche, sea salt
  • Dark chocolate mini cake, raspberry port glaze
  • Mini caramel apple tart, graham cracker shell, cinnamon crème fraiche
  • Mini opera cake, bourbon crème anglaise

The historic 18,000 square feet event space makes Phoenixville foundry one of the best holiday party venues in Pennsylvania. We love bringing new holiday party food ideas and more than 20 years of award-winning catering experience to Phoenixville Foundry’s full kitchen.

In the busy months leading into the holidays, be sure your Pennsylvania catering company is committed to delivering a complete holiday party experience on time and on budget. You can count on our talented catering team to deliver superior food, unique décor and unparalleled service any time of the year.

To find out more about how our creativity and award-winning attention to detail can help your unique style shine, contact us online or give us a call at: (610) 725-9420.

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