by J. Scott

Picking a location for your wedding is not an easy decision.   And, further complicating the process is the fact that most couples choose to get married on a Saturday—causing long waiting lists at many venues.

So, when you’re thinking about where to enjoy your special day, remember that almost no location is out of the question.  With the right equipment, caterers can prepare a delicious meal in almost any setting.   From a remote field to a scenic lakeside setting, there are many outdoor options—and all the usual indoor venues that you probably have considered.   Don’t forget
that your church or synagogue may have a space that is just as functional and attractive as a more formal location—-and usually is much more affordable.

And, yes, it’s ideal to have your wedding on a Saturday night-but it may limit your venue options.  So, consider a Friday, Sunday or even a weekday night.  This may save you a considerable amount of money that can be spent elsewhere to make your event even more memorable.   If that doesn’t change your mind and you must get married on a Saturday—you might consider starting the day with the main event.   Your “sunrise wedding” will end with
guests enjoying a warm breakfast/brunch with a Belgium waffle station or crepe station and mimosas.

As I mentioned before, these times require most to think of the bottom line-and the service industry is no exception.  Work with your caterer and potential venue sites to choose a time and location that is comfortable for you and your family.   Then, go ahead and plan the day of your dreams.

by J. Scott

Since founding J. Scott Catering in 1995, Scott has worked hard to establish a reputation for exceptional Philadelphia catering and superior customer service.