by J. Scott

Like so many of us here in the Delaware Valley, J. Scott Catering had some huge challenges presented to us during the pre-Christmas holidaysnow storm. The busiest Saturday of the month our kitchen was in full production for the end of the week getting ready for many events. Saturday’s snows came in hard and so did the cancellations of events. One event just couldn’t be cancelled and that was for a fantastic bride and groom who were holding their reception at the Phoenixville Foundry. The process of planning the reception was a true delight because of the bride’s – one of my favorites — fun, casual nature. It was just a joy to work with her and I was really looking forward to putting on a great reception for her. Well, the snow and the wind came and everyone knows the rest of this story.

Our team worked hard to get an early start on their long trek to Phoenixville. I am proud to say that all of the staff arrived early and the preparations were completed quickly and efficiently. Our bride was challenged by guests calling to say that they couldn’t make it out of their driveways, as well as some wedding vendors letting the weather get the best of them. Our bride did a fantastic job of putting on her game face and still making the very best of a difficult situation. I applaud her for her impressingly calm demeanor. The guests finally arrived on shuttles and were ready to party no matter the weather.

The bar was crowded and drinks and many plates of food were consumed. We set this reception up as action stations and used the meatlobby of the Foundry to create our stations. We had a chef-attended Pasta Station with Jumbo Lump Crab, Asparagus and a multitude of other toppings. We also featured a traditional carving station among other delightful selections.

In the end, everyone had a fantastic time and the bride went away with a great smile on her face. I am proud of my team for pulling and working together to ensure that JSC produced a fantastic reception no matter the challenges.
Next blog we will let you know where all the food went for cancellations.


by J. Scott

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