by J. Scott

signature wedding drinks

Signature cocktails are still holding strong as one of the top wedding trends of the year.

Most couples want a signature cocktail that tells their story and serves as an icebreaker. Although, it can be hard to figure out how personalized drinks fit in to planning a wedding. Fortunately, signature cocktails can complement everything from wedding themes to color schemes!

How to Blend Signature Cocktails Ideas Into Weddings

Highlight Your Wedding Color Scheme

The best signature cocktails for weddings are as beautiful as they are tasty. This is one reason why we love the idea of matching your drink to your wedding color scheme. An added bonus of a blue drink is that it can be your “something blue” and spread your good luck to guests. Our “Something Blue” mixes with your favorite rum, blue curacao and pineapple juice that is sure to make guests smile.

Signature Cocktail Tip: When choosing signature cocktails by color, be sure your cocktail sign correlates with your color scheme. You may even share if this is your favorite color or a symbolic moment in your relationship.

Make the Most of the Season

If your wedding venue in Philadelphia will showcase the season, then choose a drink that will draw out the surrounding beauty and help guests cope with the temperatures. From autumn colors to snowcapped barns, there are plenty of sources of inspiration for seasonal signature cocktails for weddings.

Here are some of our favorite seasonal cocktails for weddings:

  • Winter: Gibson Snowman

Garnish this classic favorite gin martini with cocktail onions stacked as a snowman.

  • Spring: Ginger & Lemongrass Martini

This zesty cocktail is the perfect way to help guests cool off at a spring wedding. We use a vodka or gin base bursting with flavor from freshly shaved ginger, lemon juice and lemon grass puree.

  • Summer: Cucumber Mint Refresher

Guests wont mind the summer heat when they take a sip of this lively mix of cucumber puree, gin, fresh mint and club soda. Crisp and refreshing, this drink is sure to start conversations.

  • Fall: Apple Pie

Bring back holiday memories with a strong mix of Core vodka made from Hudson Valley apples, apple pie spice, simple syrup and a dash of lemon juice. Garnish it with a fresh apple slice to really harness the autumn spirit.

To take your signature cocktails for the season up a notch, draw inspiration from holidays. Garnishes like candy canes are cheerful ways to offer a tasty treat.

Match Your Wedding Theme

Your wedding theme makes a statement about your personality, so one of your favorite drinks should likely match it. You can tell the part of your story like how you met your significant other while setting the tone for your wedding. This is where your signature cocktail sign really shines. Decorate it in your theme and share memories with guests.

Your signature cocktail can enhance your wedding theme in two ways:

  • Adds personality: signature drinks make a statement about your disposition, and they can do the same for your wedding theme. Maybe you are a refined couple having an elegant English Country Wedding. An Earl Grey “MarTEAni” made of black tea leaves with Bergamot oil says you tend to be proper and a bit traditional. If you have a sense of humor and playful side as well, then liven it up by adding gin or vodka, lemon juice and simple syrup.
  • Enhances décor: decorate your drink glasses in a way to match your wedding colors or theme. The decorated glasses can dual as part of your décor and be a wedding favor.

Wedding Drink Idea: Serve our dark & smooth signature cocktail made with rum, cola and vanilla liqueur served in a mini glass Coca-Cola bottle to complement other vintage wedding décor.

Designing signature cocktail for weddings takes creativity, adaptability and understanding your desires. Fortunately, these are what our experienced catering team does best.

Contact us to create signature cocktails and a custom wedding menu that reflect your personality and style. We will make sure you love every detail of your wedding, all the way down to signature cocktail names.

by J. Scott

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