by J. Scott

You know the old saying, “all work and no play makes …YOU SICK.”

Well, we just finished pushing through a grueling October chock full of large and intense events.  The full calendar not only kept the entire team on their toes, but it will also make for some great blogs.

Of course, during the busiest week of the month my body decided to invite a nasty cold into the mix to make work a bit more “sporty.”  I tried all of the wellness tricks — whole cloves of garlic, lemon water, fresh grated ginger and various other remedies recommended by friends and clients.  When you are up against a wall like I was, with multiple high-profile events, the only thing to do is grind it out.  So I put my head down and pushed through it all, ensuring successful events for each client.

I thought I had made it through until my body ended up losing the fight to a not-so-fun throat infection.  So here I lay with my PC keeping me connected to the catering world.  The consolation is that I know the team has everything under control and that we won’t miss a beat for the next schedule of events.

No worries — I will be around to fight another grueling week in the near future.

by J. Scott

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