by J. Scott

horseWe recently completed one of our more challenging events – serving a special customer who kept our entire staff on its toes throughout the process. I am proud that our team worked together seamlessly and rallied to put on an event that was truly fantastic.

After running J. Scott Catering for 15 years, I feel that we have seen just about everything. This event threw some new challenges our way and put some fire into my step. We received very, very detailed instruction from the client on how things were to be done. But I knew our staff was up to the job.

In my book, forewarned is forearmed, so I went into the event knowing that we were in for a rollercoaster. After a series of turns and twists, special requests and creative solutions, we succeeded in presenting an innovative and memorable event and the customer was pleased. The evening included special uniforms for the staff, and an array of fine china, exquisite linens and high end cuisine.

There’s a saying that says it’s all about the journey, not the destination. In this case, it was a remarkable journey, but it was all about the destination.

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by J. Scott

Since founding J. Scott Catering in 1995, Scott has worked hard to establish a reputation for exceptional Philadelphia catering and superior customer service.