by J. Scott

300 guests | UPENN Wynn Commons | Breakfast | Brunch | Cocktail Hour | Picnic

UPENN’s monumental anniversary was certainly a huge milestone worthy of a giant celebration. We incorporated many elements into the several-day event that were special to UPENN and their 250th anniversary. We had 250 balloons, logoed desserts and red and blue everywhere. Also, as part of UPENN’s zero waste goals, all disposables for the weekend menus were 100 percent compostable.

In addition to the anniversary celebration, the last event ended the multi-day celebration with a party that celebrated the current medical students and simultaneously unveiled the new student center, The Jordan Building.

Here are some menu highlights:

Student Event:
Beef and chicken satay station
Action sushi station with tuna, shrimp and salmon nigiri; tuna, California and cucumber rolls; and futomaki
Taco station with Korean bbq beef and grilled marinated vegetables
Perlman School of Medicine-branded cupcakes

Wynn Picnic:
Burger bar with all-American, turkey and avocado and portabella burgers
Hot dog bar with hot dogs and sausages
Pickle bar
Rustic skin-on potato salad
Roasted beet salad
250th logoed rice krispies
Seasonal fruit display

Kickoff Breakfast:
Rustic quiches
Miniature pancake skewers
Seasonal fresh fruit
Coffee service

table settings with purple and yellow linens
Medical Alumni Anniversary Celebration Food
Taco Station

by J. Scott

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